In line with the kingdom’s vision for 2030, the workshop will focus on creating architectural spaces using cutting edge techniques to push the boundaries of designs and showcase Saudi’s young designers talents. 
The workshop will allow the participants to choose from three different topographies and festivities that are currently taking place in the region.
Participants will be able to apply the skills gained from the tooling course provided at the beginning of the workshop to design interwoven complex structures taken into consideration the context, functionality, and the message they want to portray.

Blender, together with the Tissue add-on (developed by Alessandro Zomparelli) is finding is place in between of this two worlds. On one side designers have the power of expression of a complete and open-source mesh modelling soft-ware. On the other hand, using native features it is possible to combine that with some procedural workflow. As other similar softwares, Blender is mainly made for animation and game industry,