The studio will be taught by Javier Ruiz, design
tutor at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London. The workshop will explore several computational techniques and design methodologies in order to speculate with the design of a new opera house, Train station and a museum for the city of Amsterdam The participants will learn the fundamentals of
polygonal modelling using MODO and procedural modelling using HOUDINI.
The studio aims to strengthen the skills of each
participant by merging two different techniques
in design using Modo (Mesh Modeling) and Houdini FX (Node-based Modeling).






( B ) io me_ is a design studio founded by Javier Ruiz for the research and experimentation in architecture. It operates as a cross-feeding set of ecosystems where research and teaching merge into a rich substance used for speculating with architectural design.


Javier Ruiz also teaches architectural design at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London. Here he has run design studios at the level of Undergraduate, Master’s and Post-professional Master’s degree for the last 4 years.


He has also been involved in funded design research projects alongside Professor Marcos Cruz and Professor Marjan Colletti. In addition to this Javier is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Experimental Architecture of the University of Innsbruck, Austria.In the past Javier has worked at Foster and Partners , Grimshaw Architects, Crab

Studio (Sir Peter Cook + Gavin Robotham) and Eralonso Arquitectos. He has also collaborated with the experimental practice marcosandmarjan.

What is Mesh Modelling?
A mesh is a collection of Vertices’s that define a
3-Dimensional object. Mesh modelling allows the designer to have complete freedom in sculpting their geometry using
points, vertices’s and faces. Mesh modelling begins with primitive shapes; sphere, cube, triangle etc. Then the user edits these primitive by subdividing the faces and deforming its boundary.

Modo® offers a unique combination of bestin-
class direct modeling tools working hand-inhand with a highly robust and flexible procedural modeling system. Additionally, Modo features the award-winning MeshFusion Boolean tools, integrated sculpting and retopology functionality. Take the drudgery out of tedious UV creation tasks, with a highly efficient built-in toolset that offers many automated options, supports UDIM workflows, and—unlike some other 3D content creation tools—integrates fully with modeling and selection workflows. Streamline your workflow
with fast, flexible layer-based and nodal shading systems for building sophisticated, convincing materials with ease. Drag-and-drop presets let you quickly develop the look you want, or simply select from a huge library of highly realistic physically-based materials

The studio will tackle
1. Multiple spatial volumes
2. Gradient factor driven by sound, light or movement
3. The underlying fibrous scaffold
4. Using VOPS and VEX Expressions
5. Use of Noises
Scattering points 2D
6. Space Colonization using VEX
7.Growth using VDB
8. Pop Networks
9. Differential Growth and Reaction Diffusion

Houdini FX combines superior performance and dramatic, ease-of-use to deliver a powerful and accessible 3D experience to VFX artists. With its procedural node-based workflow, Houdini lets you create more content faster to reduce timelines and enjoy enhanced flexibility in all your creative tasks.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Experience the City
Participants will be able to visit and experience
their site to fully understand and study the external factors that might drive their initial design.

Experience the City

A Place to reflect and design for continuity and
endless horizons. Amsterdam Canal systems
and Gabled houses is considered a prominent
feature that draws on many cultural and historical influences.


Every Participant have to get their
own working equipment ex.
Laptops/ mouse / charger.

Please make sure that you have
Drop Box installed and you’ve got
extra GB to work with.

Please install all programs required
for this course and ensure that its
running smoothly few days before
the working day.

Hotel Reservation is excluded from
workshop fees

Discounted Rate on Rooms Available

Food and Beverage is not included in the cost of the workshop

Please check our Refund Policy




Early Bird Extended

400 GBP till 12 of July

12-22AUG 500GBP